Kui Teid vaevab mingi keskkonna-alane küsimus, siis kõige lihtsam on saata e-kiri


Samuti võite küsimuse esitada blogi kommentaaris, sest ka need tulevad e-kirjaga kohale

Erik Puura, PhD (keemiatehnika) MSc (keskkonnakaitse) BSc (geoloogia)

– – –

Alati on võimalik lahendusi leida, nagu järgnev Herluf Bidstrupi karikatuur ‘Ring sai täis’.



2 kommentaari

  1. Tere Erik!

    Ma tahaksin teieni edastada ühe väga olulise infoallika, mille kohta ma oma blogisse ka paar minutit tagasi postituse tegin. Võib-olla te juba teate seda allikat, võib-olla mitte. Igaks juhuks otsustasin ka teid, kui keskkonnast huvitatud kaasmaalast informeerida.

    Loe täpsemalt siit: http://maakond.blogspot.com/2008/08/taastuvenergia-podcast.html

    Kõike head,
    Kristjan Velbri

  2. Greetings,

    The European Journalism Centre (EJC) would like to invite you to apply for the second round of the acclaimed blogging competition, TH!NK ABOUT IT. We have seen your blog and consider you an ideal candidate for the competition, TH!NK2: Climate Change.

    TH!NK2 will bring together 81 bloggers from Europe with guests from India, China, Brazil and the US, to exchange ideas and debate the issues of the International Climate Summit in Copenhagen, in December 2009. The blogging competition will run from September 23 to December 20 and will begin with a launch event in Copenhagen in September. During their free trip to Copenhagen, participants will meet each other, receive some training and equipment and learn about the hottest topics in climate change.

    If you are selected to come to Copenhagen in September you will receive a Flip Mino HD Camera. You will also have the opportunity to win many other prizes throughout the competition.

    As a participant, you are encouraged to blog about climate change related topics in your own back yard; to bring out the local side of a global issue.

    To participate in the competition, please go to http://www.thinkaboutit.eu, where you can read more about TH!NK2 and fill out the application form and attach a current resume/CV as well as a letter of motivation (250 words max).

    You are receiving this invitation because the EJC has sought you out specifically as a target blogger.
    The EJC is a non-profit, independent media development organisation.

    Thank you!

    -TH!NK2 team

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