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A warm welcome to my blog

February 29, 2008
I am excited to announce the launch of my web diary. On a weekly basis, I would like to use this communication tool as a way to share with you my ideas, my projects and even my concerns in the energy field. But my priority in this blog is to listen to your suggestions. The challenges in the energy sector are so urgent and so big that if we are to succeed we have to face them together.

When I took office in 22 November 2004 the price of oil (NYMEX) was 52.50$ per barrel. Today the same barrel costs $103. Just a decade ago, we perceived energy as something that could be taken granted: it was abundant and cheap. These times are over. The phantom of economic recession is looming in many economies across the planet and all the accusing fingers point to the same responsible: energy. It is also blamed for a much bigger catastrophe: climate change. Many of the conflicts around the globe involve the fight for energy resources and energy has become, increasingly a powerful political tool, if not a political weapon. At the same time, many see this sector as the great opportunity of the 21st century. New investments in generation capacity and transmissions infrastructures are evaluated in trillions of Euros. Many speak of renewable energy sources as the new “.com” sector and never before have energy companies had been so profitable. Energy is a sector experiencing troubles and challenges, risks and opportunities. Some people consider these times dangerous, others interesting. But nobody is indifferent.

Certainly not the European Commission. Here we can talk of a real revolution. Since October 2005, when the European Council called for a European Energy Policy things have moved very fast. In March 2006, the Commission presented its Green Paper. Three weeks later, Heads of State and Government called for 20 concrete actions to be undertaken by the end of that year. In July, the Commission adopted a first strategy for international energy relations. In November the action plan for energy efficiency with a clear first objective: 20% energy savings by 2020. On 10 January 2007 the first strategic energy review settle the great axes of this new policy. The legislative measures followed. On 19 September, the third (and hopefully the definitive) package on the internal energy market. On 22 November the Strategic Energy Technology (SET) plan. Last 23rd January the framework directive for renewable energies.

The last milestone of this new policy took place yesterday, in the Energy Council. I perceived among the 27 ministers a real wish to move forward. The SET plan was approved creating the necessary framework for energy research in Europe. Ministers made a huge step forward to reach a political compromise on the Internal Energy Market package. I am confident that the Council and the Parliament could approve these essential legislative measures in June. Finally, I was very encouraged by the constructive debate on the Renewable Directive, which I hope will be approved during the French Presidency.

Things are moving in the right direction but there are new challenges ahead. I would like to invite all my fellow bloggers and all citizens to contribute your ideas. I would like 2008 to be the European year of Energy Efficiency. I’m proposing to table measures to increase energy efficiency in our buildings, in our energy devices, in the way we consume energy. What are your ideas? What measures would you like to see the Commission take? What would you include in the new legislation?

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  1. Piebalgs: “A warm welcome to my blog”

    Energeetikavoliniku poolt poliitiliselt VÄGA ebakorrektne sissejuhatus globaalse soojenemise tingimustes

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